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Descent Descent First Strike In Descent, the goal of each level is to find a series of keys, usually in the order of blue, yellow, and red. Each key will correspond with a door of that color. Beyond the red door is the reactor. By shooting at the reactor, it can be detonated, setting off a countdown timer. The player will have to find the route back to the exit tunnel before the countdown expires and the reactor's meltdown vaporizes the entire mine.  
Descent II Infinite Abyss More levels for the descent fanatics ! Vertigo offers no less than 22 new single-player levels, and 8 new multiplayer levels. It also features a new multiplayer mode.

This game was released on 2 CDs. The first one contains original Descent II and the second disc has the Vertigo Add-on and Descent Mission Builder.
The Definitive Collection This is a compilation of the games Descent, Descent: Levels of the World, Descent II, Descent II: Vertigo Series, and Descent Mission Builder II. It came on three discs, with a small reference manual covering all the games and add-ons. The Levels of the World was a contest held by Interplay, with the winners being chosen for the add-on pack. The Vertigo Series was a new mission for Descent II. Mission Builder II was the level maker for both Descent and Descent II.  



Descent Rebirth DXX-Rebirth  its main goal is not to enhance the original game, but to recreate the original Descent and Descent 2 look and feel on modern operating systems. Development is currently in progress and is encompassing work on a software renderer allowing to port it to hardware like game consoles which do not offer OpenGL support.  



Descent2 XL D2X-XL adds lots of features, yet retains full compatibility with the original game, and can be turned from having the original, pixilated retro look to fully smoothed and filtered with a mouse click. It is complete, feature-rich and stable as well as due to many optimizations  
Descent 3 Retribution Features the same 360 degrees, 3 axis action that the players of Descent1 & Descent2 have come to love, but this time the game has far improved 3D graphics, more diversified objectives, more lethal weapons, and 3 different ships you can pilot. And for the first time in the Descent series, you can actually fly out of the mines and explore outdoor areas.  CH D3CSPTPP.zip
Descent 3 Mercenary This expansion pack includes 7 new single player campaigns, 4 multiplayer missions, a variety of the best single and multiplayer fan-made levels and the Descent 3 level editor, which allows you to create your own levels, complete with power-ups, robots, and scripted events.